March 24, 2015
Safety Tip - YELLING
If you have ever been to a Fearless and Female program you know that I am a big fan of YELLING. What should we yell, is one of the top 5 questions that I am asked during a Fearless and Female program. Should we yell "FIRE?" Should we yell "HELP?" I don't think what you yell is as important as the actual purpose of yelling, which is attracting attention to your situation.

Back in the early years of my self-defense training I practiced yelling "NOOOOO" in my car. Yes, you read that right, I used to practice YELLING. It did bring some really puzzled looks from the other drivers stopped next to me at traffic lights, but what the heck. I teach women to physically and visually show their personal boundaries. Hands up in a "stop, get back, don't come any closer" position. From this position you can protect your body and your face AND your hands are in place for a palm heel to the nose, eye jab or quick slap to the ears!

But all kidding aside, I think yelling is very underrated. If I find myself in a dangerous situation with someone that means me harm, you better believe that I will be yelling my head off (before, during and after I kick his butt!) I want everyone looking my direction. I want everyone to see what is going down. Mr. Bad Guy doesn't want anyone to see what he is up to. He wants to commit his crime and then move on without any witnesses.

So, what to yell isn't as important as the simple fact that you are YELLING and attracting attention. Now, that being said, we also can't depend on someone else running to save us because they heard us yelling. If they do, bonus! But, you must be prepared to save our own life. The other great thing about yelling is that it forces you to keep breathing! Breathing will help you stay calm and focused during a stressful situation. Start thinking about (and practicing) your own special yell.

Peace, Love and Safety,


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Escaping an active shooter event.

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